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Yanekki Tan

Who is Yanekki

Yanekki early is Yaneki, create from Yan Yee (my middle name).
After show ‘Deal or Not Deal 12 box, newspaper & magazine interview.
The name Yaneki can found many on Friendster & Facebook. Before that, there’s only me using this name.
Since 2009, I have chance to involve with few big projects as a chorographer. I also started to be a kids modelling trainer in my catwalk studio.

Recently, I involve with some catwalk shows. I also involve with some local drama. I need to catch up back the camera roll feelings because I had already stop for three years for my teeth braces.

Before that, my dream was to be a Famous Model but now I would wish to be Famous Business Woman. Now, planning to have my own fashion brand. Hope my dreams come true.

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