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Name: Valentine
Age: 45
Height: 5’ 11’’
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown.
Race: Irish
Nationalities: Irish and British.

M.A Hons (Cantab), from Cambridge University, 1992.
B.A. Hons (Cantab), from Cambridge University, 1989.
LAMDA Gold Medal in Acting and LAMDA Silver Medal in Acting with Honours

Fragrant Harbour. Cast as the German Ambassador. Lines spoken in German (language learnt by ear). Release in 2013.
Reflection. Cast as Trent, the lead role, of a detective Interpol Agent. Release in 2013. Premiere at the Vilnius International Film Festival in March 2013.
The New Village: 1949 by Wong Kew-Lit of Yellow Pictures. Cast as Sir William, a British High Commissioner. Release in 2013.
Jungled: A Gentleman’s Quest. The lead role of Ben Whiskers, a gentleman adventurer. This is a comedy adventure. Shooting soon.
Ribbit by KRU Studios. I play the Witch Doctor, the baddie in this animated feature film. Release in 2013/14.
Vikingdom by KRU Studios, now in post-production. Cast as Warick, a Viking warrior, a supporting role. Release in 2013
29 Februari by KRU Studios. Cast as Michael, a British colonial officer. Release August 30th 2012.
Hard News, Soft Money by Bolton Productions. A feature film produced by Tim Purcell. MI5 agent. Leading role. 1999.

Mining Magnate a TV series for Mediacorp, for NTV7 (Malaysia). Played Mr. Robinson, a British business figure with dodgy dealings in Malaysia. Release end of 2012. My episodes in 2013.
A War Diary a TV series for Mediacorp. Stanley Warren (an historical figure – an artist/POW).
We Do. A TV movie for Zhao Wei Films. Ed (a charming ex-pat, out to get the girl). Main role.
Making Headlines, a TV series for Channel U. The Art Director (an abusive, aggressive character). Leading role.
The Champions a children’s TV series for Mediacorp. Dad (a kindly warm figure). Leading role.
Phua Chu Kang, a comedy TV series for Mediacorp. The First Auctioneer. A commanding, sonorous presence. Supporting role.

Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Lucentio.
Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival. Prince Escalus/Chorus.
Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie. Kenneth More Theatre. Mr. Smith.
Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare for the Bushey Shakespeare Festival. Friar Lawrence.
The Flies, by Jean Paul Sartre. Orestes.

Corporate Films:
Mida/Martrade Malaysian Investment film, directed by two time Oscar winner, Roger Christian. I played Harold Freeborn, a leading role. For distribution globally in 2013.

Web TV Commercials:
Viral video for Prenounce (a Singaporean company). I play the Dad (main role). Tragic story. Shot in April 2013.
ABC viral video, for August 2012. I played John Gomez, the ghost of a publisher. Work for Audit Bureau of Circulation.
Honda Civic Interactive web commercial, for 2012. The Heist. Role: the Security Chief. This is the leading role in this web commercial. It is expected to be seen by many millions of people.

National TV Commercials:
Sime Darby Merdeka Commercial for Channels 1, 2 and 3, Malaysia. Played Herbert Darby. Release soon.
International TV Commercials:
Cadbury India TV commercial, for 2012, for national showing on all Indian TV channels. Role of Damien Ross, the Artist.

Performance Art:
Lord Valentine the Misplaced. An improvised 18th Century dandy in the 20th Century world. Covered on CNN, NBC, Reuters, Time Out and the Observer, amongst others.

Work as Self:
Malaysiakini TV interview for a news feature entitled “Ainan Cawley: a Child Prodigy”. March 2013.
Superhuman Genius, for ITV1, in the UK. Internationally sold TV series. As self.
World’s Cleverest Child and Me, for Channel 4. TV series sold internationally. As self.
Detik, for Suria Channel, Singapore. As self.
Asia’s Wonder Kids, for Channel News Asia. As self.
Eyes on You, for TV8, Malaysia. As self.
TV9 News. National news broadcast in Malaysia containing an interview with me.
Astro Awani Channel 501. National News broadcast in Malaysia containing an interview with me (June 2012).

I am able to do accents and acquire new skills rapidly.

Media Coverage:
Since 2007, there have been many hundreds of newspaper articles, in which I have been featured. These include such leading dailies as The Wall Street Journal (front page news article); De Bild; The Sun; The Daily Telegraph; The Times; The Straits Times; The New Straits Times; The Star (of Malaysia) etc. Coverage has also included TV news and radio.
In the past I have been covered on CNN, NBC News and Reuters, personally, for my performance art.

A recent news article related to my film work:
SHOWBIZ: Talents of a boy genius. New Straits Times, March 19th 2013


Links to some other news coverage, in which I am mentioned:
The Wall Street Journal Front Page News Article:
Malaysia wins young Singaporean Science Whiz.


The Times of London:
Can the child prodigy work out if he should go to University aged 7?


The New Straits Times:
Boy genius puts sense into “Velociperception”.


The Sun:
Brit boy, 8, cleverest in world.


There is much more coverage which is focussed directly on me, but this is not available online and so I cannot link to it. It is in national magazines, newspapers, TV news networks and radio stations.

Biographical background:
I am the husband of Syahidah Osman Cawley, the ambidextrous artist and father of Ainan Celeste Cawley, 13, the well-known scientific child prodigy. I have two other sons aged 7 and 9. The younger two are excellent natural actors.