Up Touch with Tiffany

Sdz : Dear, Tiffany, really appreciate of you sparing us your time in this hour of the night.
Sdz : We understand that you are a blogger and a model. So which comes first?
Tiffany : Up to you. ^_^

Sdz : Haha…interesting. Why did you choose to be a model?
Tiffany : Besides modeling, I am a blogger and makeup artist too.

Sdz : So what prompted you in the first place? Is there someone or what motivates you?
Tiffany :I feel that we only live once. We should do whatever we like and don’t regret it, no matter it succeeds or fails. At least you try to get there (with a smile…)

Sdz :Well, that’s true. I could say you did well after trying out modeling, yeah?
Tiffany : I am actually still a Degree student and this is my final year.

Sdz : So what’s your plan after your study?
Tiffany : I hope I did well…I have been thinking to be a journalist that works for a magazine. Writing stuff…feature story…etc…

Sdz : You could if you would.
Tiffany :If modeling goes pretty well in this coming 6 months, I would be a part time journalist and part time model at the same time.

Sdz : What are the qualities required to be a model?
Tiffany : There are 2 kinds of model. One is catwalk. The other is for photo-shooting. Both require different qualifications. So for photo-shooting model like me, I think height is not really a matter, but legs have to be long. ;-p

Sdz : Oooo…
Tiffany : Posing is another matter too. Need to pose and change clothes quickly too.

Sdz : Nice hint.
Tiffany : I am a model for boutique catalogue. I can change up to 50pcs of clothes in an hour.

Sdz : Wow.
Tiffany : Change, pose around 4-5 poses, then change…
Sdz : Impressive there.
Tiffany : Quite interesting, but tiring. Models like us, we usually wear a tube top and a mini short pants. We just change on the spot.

Sdz : What is your ideal type of guy?
Tiffany : Actually there is no specific type of guy on my mind.

Sdz : Why so?
Tiffany: I believe in fate and feelings. But! I like tall guys. Hehe…So that I can wear high heels.. icon wink Up Touch with Tiffany . My height is around 165cm, after wearing high heels, I will be around 172cm. So tall guys kinda attract me.

Sdz : LOL…Are you single now?
Tiffany : Yes, single.

Sdz : I am sure our male readers will line up when they know it.
Sdz : What turns you on?
Tiffany : Guys that have a sense of humor, like to joke around. And guys who care of me on every single thing. It feels sweet.

Sdz : Got it!
Sdz : Have you ever been stalked by any guy?
Tiffany : Been stalked. But they are not scary, luckily. They just use to look at me from distance and stalked my Facebook. That’s all. Usually they dare not talk to me.

Sdz icon razz Up Touch with Tiffany robably they just admire you but afraid at the same time. Do you believe in online dating? Why?
Tiffany : Nope. Never believe because it’s so unreal, and all just by typing. I can say I love you million times, but those are just typed words. It might work for someone, but not for me.
Sdz : Have you ever been cheated? What happened?
Tiffany : Never been cheated for big issue. Small issue yes, but it’s ok. A guy went after me and told me he never went for any other besides me. Then I found out he was going after a friend of mine at the same time. It’s alright, at least I know who he is before we start.

Sdz : Good to hear that then. Do you think a man and a woman can be best friend?
Tiffany : Yes, possible. I have a guy friend buddy for 8 years.

Sdz : Very nice. Happy for you.
Sdz : Do you mind people regard you as a sex symbol?
Tiffany : I can’t control what people think. I will just mind my own business.

Sdz : True, but do you mind?
Tiffany : I think I won’t, because I never know. So why would I mind something that I never know and suffer by myself out of it? Haha….

Sdz : Tell us your most embarrassing moment.
Tiffany : Let me think…I hold the wrong hand.

Sdz : Gosh…
Tiffany :It’s after a movie. I went to the ladies. My ex was waiting for me outside. It was very crowded. As I was coming out, I saw someone from behind who looks like my ex. Therefore, I just hold his hand and walk away. Within a minute, I felt something was wrong somewhere. I apologize to the guy. (laughing!…)

Sdz : That’s very funny and embarrassing at the same time.
Sdz : Do you have any secret to keep fit?
Tiffany : Thank God I don’t really need to keep fit. I can’t get fat, and I actually eat a lot. But I have no idea where they have gone to.

Sdz : Seriously? That’s a gift!
Tiffany : Yea. But for my own health, I do not eat extra. I just eat enough.

Sdz : Okay. What is your favorite wear?
Tiffany : I like to look sweet. I like lace. I like some other style as well, but lace is still my favorite. Blouse + short is perfect.

Sdz : What do you do when you are alone?
Tiffany : Blog, read, watch movie, play piano and games.

Sdz : Looks like loneliness can’t bore you.
Tiffany : Yes. I have lots of friends and college mates. I will just hang out with them when it’s too bored to stay at home.

Sdz icon biggrin Up Touch with Tiffany o you have pets? Would you like to have one?
Tiffany : I hope I could have a Chihuahua.

Sdz :What is the most expensive thing you ever received?
Tiffany : A car. My dad gave me a car when I passed my driving when I was 17.

Sdz :So what car was it?
Tiffany : A Kenari, not a luxury car. However, I am very grateful to have that.

Sdz :I would too. Do you have anything you wanna accomplish this year?
Tiffany : I hope I can be a model that everyone knows who I am.

Sdz :Very good motivation.
Tiffany : Not to be greedy – just in Penang is enough. Haha…

Sdz :Which part of your body you love most?
Tiffany : My waist.
Sdz icon biggrin Up Touch with Tiffany o you have a favorite personality?
Tiffany : I admire JJ Lin since 16. I love his voice, talent and his music.

Sdz icon biggrin Up Touch with Tiffany o you have a favorite cartoon character?
Tiffany : Hello Kitty?
Sdz :Is it? Haha…
Tiffany : Yes, and Snoopy too.

Sdz :Our session ends here. Thank you for your time and everything. Probably we will meet again in future. Until then, best of all to you.
Tiffany : Thanks to you too.
Sdz : Probably we will meet again in future. Until then, best of all to you.
Tiffany : Sure!