Matthew L

Name: Matthew L Height: 183cm Weight: 76kg [Show as slideshow]

Uwandu George

Name : Uwandu George Race : African Gender : Male Height : 194cm Weight : 95kg Eye Color : Brown Hair Colour : Black Hair Length : Short Hair Texture : Curly Vital Statistics : [chest: 42, Waist: 36, Shoes size: 45Eur, shirt: large] Experience Level : Acting and Modeling, both Local and...


Name: Senad Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Height: 187 cm Bust: 41″ Waist: 32″ Hip: 42″ Hair: Brown Eye color: Brown Shoes: 10 Education: Bachelor of Economics Modeling experience: - Advertisements for MIDA - Nation Branding Video - AKEMI infomercial (watch video...

Mohd Akmal

Name : Mohd Akmal Height : 179cm Weight : 75kg Experience: Drama: 1) Impian Sunsilk (TV3) 2) Kampung Jaguh (MUSTIKA) 3) The Cup (MUSTIKA) 4) Blogger Boy (8TV) 5) Bujang Sepah (PRIMA) Tvc: Honda (Indonesian market) Print ad: Celcom alternative shoot P1 Wimax 4G Don’t Potong Stim...


Name : Jacob Ghafarizadeh Height : 183cm Weight : 77KG Body type : Athletic-Fitness Hair color : Dark brown Eye color : Brown Skin color : Tan [Show as slideshow]