Sweet Talk with Yumi

Sdz : Good day, Yumi. It’s always nice to have someone beautiful like you around lighting up the day.

Sdz : Foremost, why did you choose to become a model?
Yumi : Being a model is not only about having a pretty face and nice body figure but it also takes into consideration the special personality of the person. I think modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words. You can show movement in a still picture, and is incredible to be able to have that skill. A model personality is way more important than only a pretty face. It’s just like the TV show “American Next Top Model“. The models inside are all full of personality and a special pretty face on each on them. Besides, they enjoy moments on the stage, runway and also during photo shooting sessions. I enjoy all of that while being a model. Still, I will give more passion towards it.

Sdz : What do you think are the qualities required to be a successful model?
Yumi : ‘Must have’ qualities for being a successful model is to be gratify and having good attitude. Only by that, we can learn and improve the way of posing and runway-walking. As I mentioned earlier, the special and good personality plays important role for a model too! Because it can lead us to great photos or even on the runway.

Sdz : In your opinion, what are 2 qualities that all men should have?
Yumi : Being a gentleman and know how to respect ladies.

Sdz : What do you think about guys who joke a lot?
Yumi : I don’t like talkative guy, especially who always joke to seek attention.

Sdz : Would you accept a dinner date with a guy you just knew?
Yumi : Never.

Sdz : Do you think that a man and a woman can really be best friends?
Yumi : Yes I do have man as best friend.

Sdz : We are still friend after we broke up, is that possible for you?
Yumi : Yes, it is possible.

Sdz : Do you think an extremely ugly guy can get a beautiful girlfriend?
Yumi : I believe that true love exist in this world.

Sdz : Which 3 words best define you?
Yumi : I think that I am caring, friendly and hyperactive.

Sdz : What is your favorite breakfast?
Yumi : I drink milk and have apple for breakfast.

Sdz : What do you do when you are alone?
Yumi : I use to read Yahoo’s news or Apple Daily from HK when I am alone.

Sdz : Do you enjoy hanging out? Any favorite spots?
Yumi : Yes, I enjoy hanging out. I love swimming.

Sdz : Do you have pet(s)? If yes, can you describe briefly about him/her?
Yumi : I do have a pet. His name is BEBE. He is just so cute and fair.

Sdz : What time do you usually sleep at night?
Yumi : It would usually be around 2-3 am.
Sdz : It’s a surprise as your face is glowing all the time!!

Sdz : What do you think the biggest problem our world is having now?
Yumi : I would say air pollution

Sdz : Are you a fan of any sports team?
Yumi : YES, I am big fan of Manchester United. ^_^

Sdz : Dear Yumi, we truly understand that you are a busy lady. Therefore, we truly appreciate you spending some time for us. Much thanks…