[姓名] Name:Pkay
[区域] Location/Area:KL
[国籍] Nationality:malaysia
[种族] Race:chinese
[性别] Gender:female
[身高] Height: (cm):165
[体重] Weight: (kg):44

三围资料(请依据以下的顺序填写) Vital Statistic
[胸围] Bust(Cup):32C
[腰围] Waist:23
[臀围] Hip:33
[肤色] Skin:fair
[尺寸] Dress size:S
[鞋号] Shoe size:38
[发型] Hair type:straight
[发色] Hair color:brown
[眼色] Eyes color:black
[语言] Spoken language:Chinese, English, malay, cantonese
[化妆] Able to Make-up:yes
[交通] Own transportation:depends on location
[是否愿意去外坡工作] Willing to work outstation:yes
[是否能接受性感制服] Sexy outfit: depends
[工作经验] Working Experience: Showgirl @kaspersky, S.Liner roadshow, @dd magazine model, mina magazine shooting, signature kitchen lady, archidex show girl,golf tournament usherer, macro annual dinner usherer , nescafe roadshow, archidex air host, usher of mst golf tournament, NZ mercedes autohaus showroom, singapore lamboghini event


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