Ode with Cynthia

Sdz : Hi, Cynthia. It’s great to have you here upon our request for an interview. Thanks in advance.

Sdz :In your opinion, what are the qualities required to be a successful model?

Cynthia : Hmm..observing from the famous models I adore, I’d say hard work, willingness to learn, ‘never give-up’ attitude, humility and of course being yourself. By being the confident and original you, it definitely leads you a long way.


Sdz : What do you think about the state of the modeling industry in Malaysia?

Cynthia : Developing indeed! Such a delight to see so many uprising talented models in the industry!


Sdz : Tell us the most important quality you would like in a man.

Cynthia : Faithfulness, loving and compromising! Nothing beats knowing that your guy only has you in his heart.


Sdz : How do you like guys to approach you?

Cynthia : Hmm…I really can’t pick on a specific approach, well I would say – in any way that makes me feel comfortable. Haha!!!


Sdz : Then, would you accept a dinner date with a guy you just knew?

Cynthia : Nope I don’t think so. We’ve got to know each other for a while before proceeding to that.


Sdz : Do you believe in having a soul mate? Do you have one?

Cynthia : Soul mate? Well no, I do not think that there’s only one particular person in the world destined specifically for you. Hehe…it’s a lil cliché. But I do believe in making things work out for the better with the person you love.


Sdz : Do you believe in online dating?

Cynthia : In my opinion at the moment, I don’t see that possible on my side, yet.

Sdz : Reason being…

Cynthia : Haha…it’s just me I guess. I’d rather get to know the person in real life.


Sdz : Do you think that a man and a woman can really be best friends?

Cynthia : Yes and no. That really depends on the maturity and expectation from both parties, I mean if the two really do not see any romantic possibility and really view each other as buddies only, then it would just stop to the point where they stay as best friends.

However, I also do have friends who started off as best friends and then slowly that friendship developed into a romantic interest because of the closeness and bond. So well, I believe it all really depends on the two individuals.


Sdz : Are you able to share with us the saddest moment in your life?

Cynthia : Well, it’s the death of my late boyfriend Andy – a very cheerful, humble, strong and positive young golfer. He is discovered to have leukemia as we were courting almost 4 years ago. We were deeply in love, dated for 2 years and endured hardships together as he was undergoing medical treatments. One day, the cancer relapsed and attacked his body. He passed away that very day. It indeed was terribly heart-breaking for his family, friends and of course – me. No words could express the sorrow I felt during that period of time.


Sdz : We are truly sorry for your loss and to the world for such a good man.

Cynthia : Life was tough for me then, but I knew God has a reason for everything that happens, and Andy’s in a better place right now. We know that by moving on with what’s ahead, we’re doing Andy a big favor.

Sdz : God bless.


Sdz : What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Cynthia : Shorts and sleeveless top. I like to keep it simple and casual.


Sdz : What do you do when you are alone?

Cynthia : Surf the net, read up on some articles and news, watch movie.


Sdz : Do you enjoy hanging out? Any favorite spots?

Cynthia : Yes! I definitely do, especially with my girlfriends! I like a place where you can chill and relax like Bangsar village. It’s happening and soothing at the same time. Just shopping, chatting, and spending time with my buddies would just make my day so worthwhile.

Sdz : ^_^. Very nice indeed.


Sdz : Are you a lark or an owl person?

Cynthia : Owl person for now! (Smile…)


Sdz : Who is your favorite personality? Why?

Cynthia : Jessica Alba! She’s not only beautiful and gorgeous on the outside but she sure has a genuine heart. Besides, she’s a very determined and hardworking too! I think it’s what inside of her that makes her so attractive on the outside too.


Sdz : If you can have one, what superpower you would like to have?

Cynthia : The ability to add on more hours in a day. icon wink Ode with Cynthia


Sdz : Very nice, Cynthia. Hopefully, we could talk again. Bye.