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Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (Born September 27, 1983) is a Malaysian actress, TV Host and VJ. She began her career in the entertainment industry of Malaysia to host a TV show and a few small acting roles. She was the host of a television program’s Teen World. In 2004, she began her film career to play a leadership role in Bicara Hati and became a breakthrough role and get nominated for the award. Later, in 2005, she starred as the bubbly-energetic lead character in the movie Gol & Gincu.

Nur Fazura is considered Malaysia’s most stylish actress and celebrity, based on a number of entertainment and fashion magazines, and often appear in the magazine’s “Stylish” and “Hot” list.

Up to 2010, Nur Fazura made ​​10 movies and countless television series and popular drama, hosting a series of TV programs.

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