miau miau

Name: Lim Ching Miau
Nickname: miau miau (苗苗)
D.O.B: 7th May

She is an Extraordinary Movie actress in Malaysia.
She also

  • Radio Host
  • TV Host
  • Online TV Host
  • Theatre Actress

Become 1st Hokkien DJ in Malaysia on One.Fm
Miao-Miau, become a radio DJ, but also the first of its kind in Hokkien launch a program, performing arts stardom for her new record!

To cross from the theatrical film, television show ring, Miau-Miao called Local 2011 of the most prolific actress, dramatic spate of launch, and now gain another victory involved in broadcasting, was invited as One FM weekend DJ, hosted every Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm “happy point”, and she presided over launch of the “happy point” is different ─ ─ entirely in Hokkien as the media!

2010 代表作 : 电影《初恋红豆冰 》
Top 10 best movie in China,2010
2010 参与独立电影 《 望远近bino Q lost 》
2011 天天好天 great day , 媒人帮

2012 电影作品 : 《哈比全家福》 《老友开心鬼》

其他电影 / 独立电影 / 电视剧 演出

2010 大日子 – 马来西亚贺岁片-友情客串
2010 电视电影 – “心在那里” telemovie “beautifool love”
2010 新年节目 – ntv7
2009 新加坡电影-梁志强导演 – 幸福万岁 love matters
2004 三 月- 独 立 电 影《 继 续 向 前 走》 演 员- 盲 人,
2003 一 月- 独 立 电 影《 四 楼 四》- 演 员- 女 鬼。
此 剧 同 时 赢 得ASTRO TRY CAM 优 异 奖
2005 – 2009 电视剧 –
[阳光少年] ,[男人当家],[爱在你左右],
[快乐一家] , [美食厨师男], [稽察专用] , [异象] 等。。。

2011 -2012 – Bee CHeng Heong 美珍香, old town white coffee
2010 telekom malaysia 马来西亚国家电讯广告
2010 ikea cny (malaysia n singapore)
2006 Dynamo
2008 Ntv7 10th anniversary
2008 Petronas Chinese new year 2008
2007 唯一面
2008 may fair 阡体公司
2008 london 阡体公司
2006 – 3G CELCOM [有JOKE有FUN]- happy & funny character

苗苗 miau miau – 2011 Brand endorsement – Bee Cheng Hiang

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Ntv7 10th anniversary

Petronas Chinese new year

Top 10 best movie in China, 2010

Bee Cheng Hiang

Old Town White Coffee – Holiday TVC ( English Ver )