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Looking Caucasian Model for photo shooting for clothing line

Shoot date: Exact date TBC

Shoot location: Within Klang Valley (1 day only)

Theme: TBC


- Caucasian girl

- Younger look

- fresh

- skinny

- tall

Budget and others details will let you know when you are selected for the job.

Anyone interested pls quickly email yr profile+photos to stardazzlednet(at) with subject title “Caucasian Model – YOUR NAME, AGE, CONTACT NO” example: “Caucasian Model – Angeline, 25 yrs old, 0192222222″

Those profile already featured on my Website at

You are welcome to resend your latest photos to me for me to post it up to get more exposure.

My client will look for new faces/talents on my website.

Full details Profile including clear photos (minimum close up & full body pics) pls send to

stardazzlednet(at) with subject “Update Profile/Photos – (Your Name)”

Vacancy in 5 Star Casino Resort Hotel

Position: Courtesy Host

Job: Responsible for ensuring a high standard of guest relations is provided to all patrons. All dealings with both external and internal customers must be efficient, effective and professional at all times. Must be pleasant in a manner to ad hance the Customer Service standards of the Hotel. Exceptional presentation and communications skills are required.

Job Term : Permanent

Location : Macau

DeadLine : ASAP

Monthly salary MOP10,600–MOP15,440 (approximately RM4,000–RM5,900) + Housing allowance + Flight ticket(to and return) + meal allowance + standard hotel staff benefits

Functions :

  • Meet and Greet patrons and its guests at the entrances to the Hotel and potentially at the airport, Ferry terminals and border gate arrivals, and assisting them with hotel check-ins.
  • Receives guests in a warm and welcoming manner.
  • Monitor and identifies the needs of our patrons and offer to help accordingly such as restaurants’ bookings, hotel reservation etc, ensuring that customer service meets with and / or exceeds guest expectations.
  • Always is considerate and understanding of our guests in every occasion.
  • Personally takes responsibility for their work area and
  • Assist new and walk-in patrons by being able to explain the Hotel property and all its services and entertainment possibilities
  • Be familiar with the Hotel products, events and offers to be able to answer customers’ and colleagues’ enquire.
  • Any other administrative job function or project as assigned by the Supervisor or Manager

Requirements are :

  1. Height 167cm above for female only
  2. With or without experience
  3. Chinese language is a must, English is preferred
  4. Passionate with customer service

Full details Resume including clear photos pls send to stardazzlednet(at) with subject “Courtesy Host – Macau (Your Name)”

Vacancy in 5 Star Award Winning Casino Resort Hotel

Position: Waiter & Waitress


  • Provide excellent customer service and introduce available dishes, take orders, and deliver dishes and drinks calmly and efficiently.
  • Clear and reset tables for new guests

Job Term : Permanent

Location : Macau

DeadLine : ASAP

Monthly salary MOP8,590 (approximately RM3,300) + Accomodation + Flight ticket(to and return) + meal allowance + uniform + standard hotel staff benefits *For those who do not want to stay in staff dormitory, monthly housing allowance is provided.

Requirements are :

  1. height 160cm above for female & male
  2. with or without experience
  3. age 21 years and above
  4. Chinese language is a must, English is preferred

Full details Resume including clear photos pls send to stardazzlednet(at) with subject “Waiter/Waitress – Macau (Your Name)”

Positions in 5 Star Casino Resort Hotel in Macau for Server-Cocktail

THIS JOB IS ALSO OPEN TO CANDIDATES WHO CAN ONLY WORK 12 MONTHS (work permit renewable every 12 months)

Scope : Serve finger foods & beverages to VIP guests for various event in the VIP area in the 5 Star Casino Hotel.

No Hanky Panky

Salary package : RM7,100 + monthly housing allowance MOP500 + duty meal + uniform + flight tickets + standard hotel staff benefits.

Requirement :

  • Chinese Female
  • Malaysian (with M’sia passport)
  • 21 years old & above
  • Height above 168cm
  • Modelling experience is highly regarded
  • Fluent in Cantonese , Chinese and English (added advantage)
  • Good smile, customer-oriented and excellent communication skills

Full details Resume including clear photos pls send to stardazzlednet(at) with subject “Cocktail Server – Macau (Your Name)”

FAQs for Macau job please read below:

1. Q: Is there any payment made throughout the recruitment procedure?

A: No.

2. Q: What’s the Pre-Employment hiring procedures?

A: The following items are needed for new hiring for employment commencement in Macau

  • Malaysia Police Clearance Report
  • Macau work permit
  • Relocation return ticket

3. Q: How about Visa?

A: No VISA requires traveling to Macau. But if candidates want to travel to China for tour during their off-day, please apply VISA to China. They can do it on their own or pay us to do on behalf.

4. Q: When can I start working?

A: The work permit issuance normally takes 2-3 weeks to be approved, subject to all required documents are fully submitted and verified.

5. Q: When can I resign from my existing job?

A: You can tender your resignation after obtaining the work permit, official employment offer and the clearance of your medical report from your employer in Macau.

6. Q: How much of cash do I have to prepare for my first month expenses to relocate to Macau?

A: Your first month in Macau would be approximately RM650 to RM800 (only on basic living expenses), excluding the Room Rental Deposit if you decide to rent a place outside.

7. Q: Is there an airport transfer to the hostel/temporary stay, arranged by the Employer, upon arrival in Macau (to report duty)?

A: Yes. The representative of the Employer who would be picking you up would be waiting at the Airport with a signboard (for easy identification)

8. Q: Will there be orientation program held by the Employer?

A: Yes, there would be a comprehensive orientation program conducted by the Employer for the benefit of new hires in order to help them adapting into a new work and life environment quickly.

9. Q: Will hostel facilities be provided?

A: Hostel facilities would be depending on the Employer. Foreign workers in Macau often have housing provided by their employer. Employee may also opt to receive a housing allowance around MOP500-600 per month instead of staying in the pre-arranged housing. *Note: Under Regulatory either a dormitory OR a housing allowance would be provided to foreign employees.

10. Q: If I choose to stay out, how do I conduct the accommodation search?

A: Your Macau employer would endeavor to help your search. However, we recommend you to make friends from the members who are working or will be working in Macau soon. You may socialize with them via social media network.

11. Q: Do they have to entertain client or just serving?

A: The job scope is to serve beverage & finger foods to clients & build rapport with them with light conversation. Cocktail Server DO NOT REQUIRE TO DRINK ALCOHOL OR SEAT WITH CLIENT.

12. Q: Will duty meals be provided by the Employer?

A: Yes, will be provided by the 5-Star hotel’s buffet.

13. Q: Does this job requiring shift work?

A: Yes, indeed most of the junior level jobs do require a time-shift schedule, subject to the job scope of the particular position.

14. Q: Can I make a claim Overtime wages?

A: The Macau Labour Relations Law (Decree-Law) has provided that a worker can work up to 48 hours per week. Over 48 working hours per week may considered as Overtime work, and thus allowing the employee to entitle for Overtime claims. This is usually applying to junior level employees only.

15. Q: Is transportation provided by the Employer during the employment period?

A: Yes, most of the employers offer the workers free shuttle service between home and workplace (at certain pick up points only). Apart from that, please feel comfortable that there lots of inexpensive public bus routes (MOP 3.20 per way) for all routes within the city.

16. Q: How convenient is the public transport to get around in Macau?

A: There are plenty of taxi cars and bus services providing easy access to the Macau Peninsula from Cotai, Taipa Island and Coloane Island.

17. Q: Will uniform be provided by the employer?

A: Yes (Cheong Sam type, Length: middle of the thigh) with high heel boot.

18. Q: How much do I have to pay for the tax?

A: No tax is payable for salary below MOP 13,500 per month.

19. Q: What are the employee benefits?

A: This is depending solely on the employment contract. Nonetheless, there are some benefits generally enjoyed by the employee such as duty meals, accommodation or housing allowance, transportation to and from workplace, professional trainings for job related and personal development and relocation air ticket.

20. Q: Is there any Insurance and Medical coverage?

A: Yes.

21. Q: How many days of leaves is a permanent or long term employee entitled to in a year?

A: Generally, a permanent worker is entitled to a 12-14 days paid annual leaves in a year.

22. Q: Can I apply leave during Chinese New Year?

A: Yes you can do so but subjected to the approval of your superior.

23. Q: Will the air ticket be provided by the Employer upon completion of the Employment Contract or Notice of Resignation?

A: Yes.