Chillout Session with Dian Sharlin

Sdz : Hi, Dian. It’s an honor to have this opportunity presented to us by you for an interview session.
Sdz : All our readers are well aware that you have a modeling career. But mind telling us why did you choose to become a model?
Dian : I think not just modeling but choosing any profession have to start from love and passion.

Sdz : In your opinion, what are the qualities required to be a successful model?
Dian : You gotta have a lot of love, passion, determination, and perseverance.

Sdz : Do you have any advice for anyone interested to be a model?
Dian : Be humble and be willing to learn. Beauty will fade away one day, but personality stays! Having great charisma helps and great professionalism brings you far in the long run!

Sdz : Let’s talk about guys…What are the 2 qualities all men should have?
Dian : Charming, and sensible.

Sdz : What is your ideal type of guy then?
Dian : Charming in personality, rich in heart, and a great sense of responsibility for his life, friends, family, work and love!

Sdz : How could guys turn you on?
Dian : Interesting guys turn me ON.

Sdz : In contrast, what is the ultimate turn-off from a guy?
Dian : Guys who think they could get everything they want! Don’t come near please…

Sdz : Seems like you have met not just one before. Do you believe in having a soul mate? And do you have one?
Dian : Yes, I believe in soul mate. I do have one.

Sdz : Do you think that a man and a woman can really be best friends?
Dian : No. I don’t think so! Man and woman met based on opposite attraction, therefore I think both stay as best friends based on a matter of choice. Again, it just a matter of choice whether both wants to decide to next level. As a fact, I do have lots best friends! Haha…

Sdz : Do you see any problem staying with in-laws?
Dian : Not at all. I adore family value! I wouldn’t mind staying with in-laws after spending a few quality honeymoon years with my loved one.

Sdz : That’s great. I am sure more people will want to get to know you after this.

Sdz : How would you feel of people regarding you as a sex symbol?
Dian : I’ll be honored! And accept the compliment with open heart! It shows me as a symbol of being able to be a ‘True Woman’ who knows how to use the right amount of sensuality. Love it…

Sdz : Which 3 words best define you?
Dian : Passionate, compassionate, and affectionate.

Sdz : From this, it’s really easy to understand on why people admire you.
Sdz : Do you have any secret to keep your body fit?
Dian : I think having a healthy body, mind, and soul is important! A healthy lifestyle and diet should keep your body balance and healthy.

Sdz : Most of us see models in elegant dresses. But what truly is your favorite piece of clothing?
Dian : I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl! But I love chic, classy and vintage pieces. I can’t live without ‘Style’!

Sdz : Do you have a favorite leisure activity?
Dian : Yoga, I love hot yoga. That’s my favorite, and cardio sweats!

Sdz : What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
Dian : A house, recently I bought with my mom for investment purposes. A great one! Hopefully I’ll get another home sweet home for myself in two years time.

Sdz : Investing in property is a smart choice. I am sure you will have another one for yourself by then. Cheers…
Sdz : Do you have anything you want to accomplish this year – 2012 eventhough some believe it’s going to be the end of the world?
Dian : To go beyond boundaries and strive to have a healthy balance lifestyle! More traveling through work this year too!

Sdz : Do you think women make better leader than men?
Dian : I think both men and women make an equal right.

Sdz : Who is your favorite personality? Why?
Dian : My favorite personality would be Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey. Both equally beautiful with gorgeous heart!

Sdz : Thank you, Dian. It’s truly great to have you spend this short but precious time of yours with us. Wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

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