Gleam with Kim

Sdz : Good evening, Kim. We understand that it’s late now, but good to have you around and hopefully this won’t take too much of your time.
Kim : Sure. It’s ok.

Sdz : Why did you choose to become a model?
Kim : Since young, I like and wish I could perform on stage and become a celebrity. It wasn’t until 25 that I finally decided to make my move. I am a full time model now, but later, I will go back to my major.

Sdz : What are the qualities required to be a successful model?
Kim : In Malaysia, from experience, it’s usually height especially for runway model. Eventhough I am about 174cm tall, I still face difficulty. 180cm is the best height in my opinion unless you are very good in catwalk or if you are already known.

Sdz : Tell us the most important quality you would like in a man.
Kim : Character is most important. A man needs to be caring and also good tempered. So does tolerance. As for appearance, it will be fine as long as we are both comfortable with it. There is usually misconception that models are more into rich guys. Personally, I don’t like man who is very rich. My priority is in seeking a comfortable & stable life.

Sdz : What is the most romantic gift you ever received?
Kim : It would be a box of chocolate with a ring inside. I can’t really recall which event was it, but it’s Ferrero Rocher.
Sdz : The chocolate is sweet, the ring makes it sweeter. Hehe…

Sdz : Would you accept a dinner date with a guy you just knew?
Kim : Depends on who he is. It’s a ‘No’ if he’s from the modeling line. I do not want to create any misunderstanding in between. However, it’s fine if we come out in a group.

Sdz : Do you see age gap as a barrier in a relationship?
Kim : Not really. I would say it depends on character. Some who has aged can act childishly and vice versa.
Sdz : We do agree with that.

Sdz : Have you ever been cheated? What happened?
Kim : Most of them are from relationship. Few years back, I have a friend which I consider as trustworthy. Since she’s kind of lonely at time, as a friend and out of sympathy, I requested my boyfriend to accompany her sometime. It wasn’t too long that he later became her boyfriend.
Sdz : We feel so sad about what happened. At the same time, it’s good to have known the real self of this friend of yours.

Sdz : Do you think that a man and a woman can really be best of friend?
Kim : Of course. I have some guys as good friends and we trust each other very much.

Sdz : Tell us a thing that you regret most in life.
Kim : It should be of joining the modeling line too late (…sounding disappointed…). If I can change, I would join as part-time in college and progress from there after my study.

Sdz : What are the two things you won’t leave your home without?
Kim : $$$ & handphone. They are basically my lifeline. ^_^

Sdz : Do you enjoy supper? Any favourite?
Kim : Definitely, I enjoy it very much. I am fond of dessert & snack – Chinese ‘tong sui’ of black glutinous rice. icon wink Gleam with Kim
Sdz : We enjoy supper as much as you do. Eating nice food is just like being in heaven.

Sdz : What is your favorite leisure activity?
Kim : I like shopping. Mostly, I prefer to shop alone. It’s more convenient to me. However, the best is still to be at home lazing around.

Sdz : What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
Kim : How about my Peugeot 308 I bought 3 years back?
Sdz : Affirmative.
Sdz : Do you cook?

Kim : Ya, I like and enjoy cooking. It’s just that I don’t have much time. In addition, it’s not so convenient to cook at home since it’s my mum’s territory. Hehe…
Sdz : Oh….alright. You have any specialty?
Kim : It’s mostly Chinese food.

Sdz : Who is your favorite personality? Why?
Kim : I love my mum. She’s a very patient woman and really nice to everyone. She’s working in morning and would be back home by noon.
Sdz : That’s so warm and thoughtful.

Sdz : If you can choose one, what superpower would you like to have?
Kim : Ever young. I would like to be at least 5 years younger. Life would be so much different than now.

Sdz : It’s been great with you today, Kim. We surely hope to meet up with you again. Have a nice day and bright life ahead.