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Exclusive Interview with Erica Ting

Sdz : Hello, Erica. Good day and thank you. It’s real nice of you to accept our interview.
Sdz : As a start, what triggers you to become a model?
Erica : For a start, I love to be in front of the camera. I stand at 5ft 7in, not tall enough to be a successful runway model and because of that, I hope to encourage and inspire other hopefuls to chase their dream even if they are not as tall or as skinny as most of the models out there.

Sdz : That’s so modest of you. Do you have any advice for anyone interested to be a model?
Erica : Well, if you want to do something in your life, just go for it! If the opportunity comes knocking on your door, take it. If it doesn’t, work for it. Just give it a try and the outcome is most of the time unexpected, given the will, determination and passion.

Sdz : What is your ideal type of guy?
Erica : Compatibility is the key. He might not be the most attractive guy, as long as there’s something about him that makes him charming and adorable in my eyes.

Sdz : What makes you turned on?
Erica : When my guy kisses my forehead, holds my hand and tells me he loves me. That could totally kill me.

Sdz : What is the ultimate turn-off from a guy?
Erica : Boasting. He could be the richest guy, or the most sought-after employee, but he will also hold the record for having the LEAST NUMBER of second dates, ever.

Sdz : Have you ever dated a geek (or someone you think is one)?
Erica : Yes, I have. Honestly, geeks aren’t that bad. They are quite fun to be with once you get to know them icon smile Exclusive Interview with Erica Ting (Smiling…)

Sdz : Women nowadays are moving up the ladder quick, but would you mind if your partner earns less than you?
Erica : Unfortunately, I do. I want to have someone I could look up to.

Sdz : Do you see age gap as a barrier in a relationship? Why?
Erica : No, I don’t. My boyfriend is 11 years older than I am and we’re still happily together after almost 2 years of courtship. At the end of the day, it boils down to the compatibility between the two individuals.

Sdz : Do you mind if people regard you as a sex symbol?
Erica : No, I don’t. In fact, I would take that as a compliment!!!

Sdz : What are 2 things you won’t leave your home without?
Erica : My purse, and phone.

Sdz : What is your favorite breakfast?
Erica : Subway! Honey oat bread with breakfast strip, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, some mayonnaise and black pepper; and a cup of hot Milo!

Sdz : Do you have any secret to keep your body the way it is?
Erica : Yoga. It is a form of exercise which helps in control of the mind, spirit and body and it has proven to work your full body, even on muscles we don’t normally use. Best of all, it’s not a boring activity as there are so many different moves to go for! However, yoga is something you should never learn on your own or from YouTube videos. Work with an experienced instructor to learn the proper way to perform the yoga moves and avoid injury.
On top of that, I watch my diet too. I always make a point to have my daily healthy breakfast and small servings throughout the day. I never skip my meals regardless how busy I am and I always reward myself with at least one cheat meal every week as a form of motivation icon smile Exclusive Interview with Erica Ting

Sdz : What is your favorite leisure activity?
Erica : I love watching movies, especially romantic comedy films i.e. ‘Something Borrowed’, starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Sdz : What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
Erica : A MacBook Pro. It is by far my best buy ever!

Sdz : What is the most expensive thing you ever received? From whom?
Erica : A Louis Vuitton clutch, from my boyfriend icon smile Exclusive Interview with Erica Ting

Sdz : I am sure you treasure it very much then.
Sdz : By the way, do you watch any sports?
Erica : I watch football, specifically the English Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League.

Sdz : So are you a fan of any sports team?
Erica : Liverpool ftw! icon smile Exclusive Interview with Erica Ting

Sdz : I understand Liverpool has not been doing too well in the EPL, but with your love, I hope they will rejuvenate and recover soon. ^_^
Sdz : Once again, we would like to thank you and we look forward to have another session with you again if possible.