An Evening with Fione

Sdz : Hi, Fione. It’s real nice of you to have accept our invitation
Fione : Same as well, it’s my honor icon smile An Evening with Fione

Sdz : Why did you choose to be a model?
Fione : Being a model is my dream since young. I wish to stand out and be different from the others. More ever I would like to experience something different and makes my life wonderful. I also enjoy the moment standing on the stage when everyone is paying attention on me. It is the best ever experience.

Sdz :That’s good. It seems like you like challenges. After all, life is about learning, right? What do you think of the modelling industry in our country?
Fione :Yes. We should experience it and keep learning when we are still young. Besides, the models in Malaysia are not only beautiful on their overall outlook and having a nice body figure, they are also very talented in many ways such as catwalk and dancing. In my own opinion, a model must be great in inner and outer look to be successful.

Sdz :I fully agree about that. It’s something to be proud of.
Fione : Ya right.

Sdz : What is your ideal guy?
Fione : Good in personality and a filial son who is able to take care of his family. This also shows that he is a responsible man and the most important thing is – as long as he loves me truly with his heart is enough.

Sdz : I am sure many guys would be hinted here. How do you like guys to approach you?
Fione :I believe in fate. As long as we can communicate well and he treats me well with his heart.

Sdz : I see. Would you accept a date with a guy you just know?
Fione : Definitely no. Cause I’m kinda shy in my personality. Unless we already know each other for some time, then will be fine for a date.

Sdz : Haha. That’s true I guess and shall apply to all other guys too. Do you believe in soul mate? Do you have one?
Fione : Yes I do believe on soul mate and I do have one too.

Sdz : Do you see age gap as a barrier in a relationship. Why?
Fione : No I don’t think so. Love is not measured by age or outlook. But love that rich in ‘heart’. (smiling…)

Sdz : So you can accept someone older than you… Let’s say 10 years?
Fione : Yes. It should not be a problem for me, if we are able to handle this relationship together.

Sdz : Ok icon smile An Evening with Fione Do you think that a man and a woman can be best friend?
Fione : Yes why not? That’s real great to have a man as best friend because we can make fun together and they are usually will be very gentleman.

Sdz : Seems like you have one? Tell us something about you not much people know.
Fione : Right, I do have many guys as my best friends. Well, I enjoy all of the time being a model and very appreciate to those people who gave me opportunity like StarDazzled. Hehe…anyway I’m a blogger from Malaysia but accepted as being a model. I love to blog, just same like being a model. I guess that’s all icon smile An Evening with Fione

Sdz : Okay. What is the nastiest thing you have ever done?
Fione : Let me think about it. I guess it’s when I made my friend drunk by taking lots of booze and I drove him to Ipoh for a trip from Penang, just as a birthday surprise and gift for him.

Sdz : Wow…
Fione : In the end, challenge accepted.

Sdz : That’s really nasty. Haha….
Sdz : Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? And what was is it?
Fione : Yea I love casual dress up like skinny jeans and T-shirt. Especially from Topshop, even though is a bit pricey but they are really comfortable with good quality and overall.

Sdz : Hmmm Topshop? Something new there.
Sdz : Do you enjoy hanging out? Any fave spot?
Me: I love swimming and going to gym. It is a form of exercise to have a healthy life style and reduce my big tummy. LOL. That’s my favorite.

Sdz :Your tummy is big? You must be kidding me.
Fione : Haha before that. But not now. Now I just remain at 40kg.

Sdz : Do you play computer games??
Fione : No seldom. I don’t really like to play those video games.

Sdz : What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
Fione : A Canon camera. I bought it for my blogging purpose and I hope I can afford more lens in the future.

Sdz : I really hope you can.
Fione : Thank you.

Sdz : Do you have a favorite personality?
Fione: I think Kristen Stewart.

Sdz : I see. I assume you like Twilight?
Fione : YES YES I’m a superb fan of Twilight. She is so hot and gorgeous.

Sdz : Where do you want to be if the world ends this year?
Fione :I would like to go to the United States or Australia and have my vacation with my loved ones such as family and friends.

Sdz : Well thanks for spending the last hour with us here. Wish you will achieve what you are looking for this year.
Fione : You are welcome. All the best to you and hope StarDazzled will become a very well known website in the future. Good luck.