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Stardazzled is the place to find Malaysia & Singapore’s most beautiful faces.

Unlike any other modelling websites, Stardazzled does not only focus on the physical beauty of models but also the inner beauty. Interviews are conducted to understand the personality behind every beautiful face.

It is also the hope of the founders for Stardazzled to be the bridge connecting aspiring models to the modelling & entertainment industry. Malaysia & Singapore has lost too many talents due to lack of appreciation or some would say “connections”. Stardazzled is here to change that, at least for the modelling industry. We hit two birds with one stone because not only aspiring models have their dreams come true, people in the industry are exposed to new never before seen faces and talent.

How do we connect models to the modelling industry? Simple.

  1. Aspiring models contact us to be featured.
  2. We will be in touch with the aspiring model to obtain portfolio.
  3. Upon evaluation, aspiring model will be featured on
  4. Portfolio of aspiring model will also be sent to talent scouts in the modelling industry.
  5. Aspiring model get discovered!



Offer Modeling Job
With passion at heart and a strong determination, Stardazzled was established in January 2012, our small scale establishment has proven to be one of the fastest growing-intelligent-creatively inclined modeling website in Malaysia & Singapore.

Stardazzled work in the following fields:
- Print Advertisement
- Photo Shoots
- Car Shows
- Event Hostess
- Sporting Events
- Photo Events
- Fashion Shows
- Grand Openings
- Posters
- Calendars
- Fitness
- Catalogs
- Commercial Acting
- Music Videos
- Magazine
- Web magazines
- Swim wear

Videos Testimonials Service from Models /Artiste/Celebrities
There are many ways to market a product or a service and providing the potential clients and customers with video testimonials is one of the best ways to market.

The power of testimonials can never be underestimated. Every business must have testimonials to be able to stand out in the ever crowded markets in order to boost more sales.

There are many benefits of having video testimonials.
For example when looking for a particular product, we could end up with two websites which offers almost similar products. However one lacks customer testimonials. Which website will you go for?

Most likely the one with customer testimonials because customer testimonials have a very strong influence to our purchasing decisions.

So what really are the benefits of using Model/Artist/Celebrity testimonials?

• When Models/Artiste/Celebrity — who your customers know, like, and trust — are endorsing you, that familiarity, likeability, and credibility are all automatically transferred along to you. So even if the market doesn’t know you, the product will still appeal to them.

• Celebrity testimonials make you look like a well-networked expert. Thus, this increase in value will allow you to charge more for your service and products.

• People want to be associated with big-named personalities. This is exactly why ‘People Magazine’ sells so well. Having celebrity testimonials is like ‘piggy-backing’ on their fame resulting in your market to like you and your product.

• Your customers will see you as a celebrity yourself. Ever noticed how celebrities hang out with other celebrities? If you have big names endorsing you, the perception will be that you are hanging out with these people, bringing you a lot of respect, credibility, and prestige.

• The approval and endorsement of others will generate more appeal than the ads on the paper. Think about it. Which will you pursue? An ad in the paper for a new restaurant or a neighbor telling you where he just had wonderful grilled shrimp pasta?

• In reality, customers are very skeptical and selective when it comes to purchasing as they have probably been probably in the past. They don’t want to spend; they want to invest.

• In contrast, when a prospective customer reads a testimonial about your product or service — the ranting and raving will be seen as objective feedback. So, it is therefore seen as more trustworthy.

• Testimonials provide instant credibility in your market’s perspective. Endorsements from well-known experts will make your products appear as the ‘real thing’ with no catch at all!

• You get instant sales and marketing copy with testimonials. Some of the absolute best copy you can put on your marketing pieces are your endorsements from other people. You can scream at your client with a megaphone all day, telling him or her how great you are, but it won’t be as effective as having a handful of other people talk about you and the great service or product that you offer.

• You will be perceived as an insider. With all the big names endorsing your service or product, your clients have no choice but to distinguish you as someone who has exclusive access to these big names.

To sum it all up, using Model/Artist/Celebrity testimonials will save you time, reduce workload and stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and ultimately, make more money!

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.